EVA Bag or soluble low melting point bag is made of the special grade of plastic. EVA can be used as an active ingredient of rubber product due to its unique properties that being melted at a low temperature point. In frequent, it uses as a packaging putting into the mixing tank with the packed ingredients directly such as oil, silica, carbon black, antioxidants with unnecessary to remove the bags. It has been used wide spread mostly in rubber, hose and shoes industries.

The advantage of EVA:
  • Reduce the effect of spreading the chemical compound in the air while the mixing machine is processing.
  • Low melting temperature, starting from 72 °C – 86 °C
  • Received 100% of chemical compound formula without any lost of the crucial ingredients
  • Reduce labor capacity hence, timing is relatively reduced as the chemical is being measured into the EVA bag in advanced the production is started.

 Special Feature:

  • Able to screen the content on the EVA Bag with multi-colors (Blue, Black, Green, Red, etc.)
  • Able to produce the EVA Bag in multi-colors (Pink, Black, Green, Red, etc.)
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